Tidewater Horse Trail


Upcoming Events

Trails are now open.  You may ride on any OPEN days.  Reservations are not required on OPEN days.  The liability release forms are available on site and there is a drop box for the fee.

NOTE:  Please email us at bainpeanuts@aol.com to inquire about reserving on a closed date.

UPDATE 10/16/18

Fall has finally arrived and riding weather is here!  We were blessed with little damage from Hurricane Michael.  I understand that the beaver dam and other riding locations were closed last weekend due to down trees.  According to Sherry, who rode last weekend, "We rode all the trails today and other than some small limbs down it was great! If your horse can't get over or around what we saw, you shouldn't be riding." Thank you Sherry for your feedback.
Also, there is an outside chance you may see a bow hunter, but you probably will only see their parked vehicle.  They present no threat to riders as they do not have a firearm.
I hope you are able to enjoy the trails and this wonderful fall weather.

Upcoming Events

Novembef 11th - SEAT Poker Ride

December 9th - James River Fox Hunt

March 16th - Endurance Ride

Thanks and hope to see you soon at Tidewater Horse Trails!