Tidewater Horse Trail


Upcoming Events

Trails are now open.  You may ride on any OPEN days.  Reservations are not required on OPEN days.  The liability release forms are available on site and there is a drop box for the fee.




NOTE:  Please email us at bainpeanuts@aol.com to inquire about reserving on a closed date.

Come on out and enjoy the trails!!!

First, we all here at THT hope that you, your families, friends, colleagues and employees are healthy and remain that way with COVID-19 rapidly evolving and impacting our lives. We have understandably received questions regarding our trails and hours of operation.  
Because our trails are in a rural setting, with only other riders present, we have chosen to remain open. With that said, we ask that you act appropriately.  Some examples of this are do not congregate or socialize in the parking area or anywhere on the trails! Please leave space between your rig and the next so that close contact with others can be avoided.  We discourage groups, but will allow those of 10 or less (as the experts recommend).  I can not provide hand sanitizer at the drop box as none is available, but please bring your own and use it before signing in.
These trails, with no other humans present, should provide a safe place for recreation but only if everyone obeys these simple guidelines.  Thank you for riding at THT. We hope and pray that everyone is healthy and remains that way. Have wonderful time riding both now and for years to come.