Tidewater Horse Trail


We require waiver forms to be completed by riders each time you ride.  They are to be completed and signed and put in the drop box located at the trails.

If you purchase an annual pass, you need to complete the waiver form each time you purchase a pass and we will keep it on file for that year.

You can download the form below:



Hours of Operation:  Riding only when "Open" sign is present.  No riding when "Closed" sign is posted.  All riding is to be conducted during daylight hours.  All vehicles and trailers are only allowed on premises during daylight hours.  No night riding.


Trail Markings:             Red Arrows -  Advanced riders

                                    Blue Arrows - Carts and beginner riders


  1. Release and Liability  - It is mandatory that all riders understand and sign a complete liability and release waiver.  Per the Code of Virginia 3.2-6200 through 6203, horse professionals are exempt from suit and riders ride at their own risk.
  2. Signed wavier and $15 rider fee must be in possession of management (in drop box) prior to trail riding or entering property.  This applies to both riders and spectators.
  3. No riders under the age of 12 years old.  All riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Legal parent/guardian must sign for all riders under 18.
  4. Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet when mounted.  Helmets, safe footwear or safety stirrups are suggested for all riders.
  5. Riding permitted on marked trail only and in the direction of the arrows.  (one way traffic only)  Do not leave the trail.  Holes and unsafe surfaces, sharp objects, hornet nests and other hazards may exist off marked trails.
  6. No drugs or alcohol permitted anywhere on premises.
  7. No smoking allowed on trails.
  8. No littering on trails.  Carry all trash out with you.
  9. Don't canter, lope or gallop unless you can see well ahead of you that the trail is clear of other users.
  10. Avoid riding alone and always take your cell phone.
  11. No dogs allowed on trails.  All dogs in parking area must be leashed and remain under control at all times.
  12. No riding doubles. Only one rider per horse.
  13. Green horses or riders (inexperienced, skittish or unpredictable) must have a green ribbon affixed to the tail of the horse.  Horses prone to kick must have a red ribbon affixed to the tail.  Stallions must have a yellow ribbon affixed to their tail.
  14. Clean up after yourself and your horse in the parking lot.  Make sure the area around your trailer is free of manure and trash before you leave.  Place trash and manure in designated area.
  15. No riding allowed by guests who have been asked by management to not return due to rule violations or any other reason.
  16. Each rider is responsible for their actions and those of their mount.  Ignorance of the rules does not release the rider of the responsibility should an accident occur.


Emergency Contacts:

Oaks Veterinary Clinic  (757) 365-4887

Dominion Equine Clinic (757) 925-1234